Saturday, 6 September 2014



That was the question which faced those that met at Llysglyndyfrdwy, Corwen on the  16 Medi 1400, why such a big decision? Now I am getting ahead of myself as this is the title and subject of an Embassy Glyndwr statement I am working on for issue on 16 Medi 2014. This will be prior to result of the Scottish referendum on Independence, the result of which will impact on Wales, Welsh Nationalism and any hoped for struggle for Welsh Independence? You as Welsh Patriots will have a few days to digest the content of this statement and not least consider, discuss and debate during ‘Yr Wythnos Glyndwr 16 – 24 Medi 2014’ as you participate in celebration and commemoration of our National Hero Owain Glyndwr and the War of National Liberation 1400 – 16 – 21.
However, right now you have your own present ‘Big Decision’ to make as same those of 16 Medi 1400 are you going to stand up and be counted are you going to walk up to the line and cross it? Are you as those of 16 Medi 1400 ready and willing to confront colonialism, thus fight back and this you can do on the 9 Medi 2014 at Ivey Place, Abertawe out side the Grand Hotel. Whilst those of 16 Medi 1400 were to take up a great challenge to confront ‘Old Conquistadors' it will be your duty to find the courage and commitment to take on ‘New Conquistadors’, the Wind Mill Masters in league with an old ‘Robber Baron’ the Duke of Somerset of the ‘Beaufort Bunch’. So, make up your mind are you going to face down the ‘Colonial Carpet Baggers’ and make it clear to them, thus far no further! Think on it, think on it hard, it is a big decision do not, I suggest make the wrong decision and go into flight as it really is time to fight back.
There but a few days left for you to decide and then make ready to demonstrate your discontent  with our Country being made CORPORATE COLONY CYMRU. You, thus need to fast prepare Banners and Placards. I have done so already but I will not be at Ivey place but from the early hours will be roaming Mawr putting up posters to greet RWE and the Councillors on way to Junket at the Mynydd Y Betws Sub Station. I have requested those who can participate in the ‘Demonstration of Discontent’ to set up a picket protest at this Sub Station whilst others may wish to gather at the ‘Stryveland Cross’ under Penllegaer Castle remains below which are the cross roads that lead to Mynydd Y Betws and Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farms. Here, at the ‘Stryveland Cross’ a Protest Installation will be established and so three locations from which you may choose to participate in protest. Please Patriots now is the time to be ‘Partisans Cymru’ of a ‘Welsh Peoples Popular Resistance’ against the so called ‘Renewables Republic’ that in reality is no more than ‘Tan 8 Terrorism’ that seeks the desecration of our Land Scape Heritage and devastation of our Childrens rich rural inheritance  NOW TARO NOL!
In conclusion
I have heard the RWE meeting has been moved to the Dragon Hotel, this may be disinformation to thwart successful Patriotic Protest, so check out via the web. Note the Grand Hotel as an excellent History Exhibition in side, do go see as well as attend the RWE meeting if that is possible? Finally, keep this well in mind, what point in a rather shallow ‘Welsh Independence’ if in reality our Country is still one under the heel of an old Conquest and Colonialism as well more victim to further Cheque Book Conquest and Colonialism, well? Think!

                                                                           Gethin ap Gruffydd. 6 Medi 2014.

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