Friday, 13 June 2014


The below post was written with some optimism but now, how matters can become pessimistic so fast, better check out these links before reading the post below which now could be defunct?

Given recent Euro Election results and the advance into Wales of UKIP much stated by Plaid Cymru and it’s fellow travellers as an ‘English Nationalist Party, I cannot wonder why a Party carrying the flag of UK Independence did so well over and above Plaid Cymru which has been in existance since 1925.


The usual excuses have been made cheifly that Plaid Cymru is kicked into touch by England’s Centralist Media whislt on the Patriotic Fringe much is made about English settlement over a wide area of our land, both English Speaking Wales and ‘Cymraeg’ speaking Cymru aka our old medieval ‘Marcher Wallia’ and ‘Pura Wallia’. Such situations will not change!


Such excueses are of no worth while apology perhaps for failiure of Plaid Cymru not to go fourth and advance under the Banner of Welsh Independence. Following aforesaid Election I have listened to Leanne Wood President of Plaid Cymru waffle on this subject but more power to her elbow as other Plaid Cymru leaders are staying well out of the way regards the Party failiure and on the question of ‘Welsh Independence’.


Same their fellow travellers on fb who if not still making anti – Farage derogatory remarks and winding themselves up over the Scots Independence referendum also seem at a loss. Perhaps not total loss as one group on the ‘Patriotic Fringe’ is calling for a ‘Rallies For Welsh Independence’ in Canton in July, though it’s not clear to me if this is also in support of ‘Scots Independence’ as well or indeed chiefly?


Myself see now a real matter of urgency for Plaid Cymru members to get in motions to their Party’s Autumn Conference to have Plaid Cymru place ‘Welsh Independence’ to the fore front of Party aims and agenda with campaigning programme to suit. As whilst I would support ‘Rallies for Welsh Independence’ with reservation, I nevertheless see as imperative to have at least one major Political Party lead the way and fully fight this corner. Having said that, I am also mindfull as to just how well supported is the Scots ‘Independence’ Referendum Campaign by Scots ‘Intellectuals’ and ‘Intelligensia’ also it’s Creative areas. Just how woud such ‘Establishments’ play out in Wales in a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaign?


To conclude, to inspire and maybe prompt ‘Independence Doubters’ to support hopefully a soon to be ‘Welsh Independence’ Campaign. I remind that soon on 21 Mehefin will be anniversary of ‘Senedd Glyndwr 1404’  - Senedd Cenedl Cymru Rydd being eastablished in Machynlleth at which he was crowned Owain IV ‘Tywysog Cymru – An Independence day worthy of our commemoration and celebration as ‘Dydd Sofraniaeth’ as Embassy Glyndwr declared on 21 Mehefin 2004.