Friday, 16 May 2014


Possibly embarrassed with Plaid Cymru looking as if doing badly in Euro Elections and prompted by the get up and go of the 'Brave and Bold' Scottish Nationalists, certain Welsh Nat leading lights are at last coming up to the line but kind of getting it wrong as we make clear in our blogs > 

Whatever, but is that all there is to this all of a sudden rush to Independence from within certain circles of Plaid Cymru and what does the Plaid Cymru leadership think about this? Indeed will this leadership be signing up to the 'Rallies For Welsh Independence Initiative? sad to say but I guess it's a truth we have learned over many years of having to work without solid political Nationalist support, it is an up hill struggle. Thus, before this new Independence Initiative can truly reach out to the people it needs to reach out to the Plaid Cymru rank and file an not least the Plaid Cymru Leadership. How do you do that, obvious to me but not in seems to the 'movers and shakers' of the new Independence Initiative quite simply it requires they to make sure motions go before the Plaid Cymru Autumn Conference seeking of Plaid Cymru that they make 'Welsh Independence' their priority objective number one and at the same time they fully back the 'Rallies For Wales Initiative' as Embassy Glyndwr will.

However, only if they commit to supporting our 21 Mehefin 'Dydd Sofraniaeth' pobl Glyndwr gathering at Machynlleth and 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndwr' national celebrations and 'Cymanfaoedd Glyndwr' at Corwen on Saturday 20 Medi 2014. Great opportunity to visit Llys Glyndyfrdwy where after all the first great call for Welsh Independence went out to the people, going on to visit Caerdrewyn from where on 18 Medi Glyndwr led a small army on a great raid across the North East to skirmish with the English at Vyrnwy on the 24 Medi 1400. There you can become even 'Braver and Bolder' by committing to carrying out continuing Tarian Glyndwr campaigning for the liberation of the Vyrnwy Estate from out of the hands of the Severn Trent Authority.

But first, the most obvious time and place to launch a renewed campaign for Welsh Independence, is not in a Canton Pub in Caerdydd but in Machynlleth on 21 Mehefin 2014. Even though those responsible for the 'Plaid Cymru Canton Beer Hall Putsch' (excuse the joke!) for their own reason cannot see it this way but as others want to stay glued to Caerdydd, maybe because of WAG Assembly pretentions? So, I hope they will reconsider and those drawn to support them will push them in the following direction >


To conclude, I cannot fail to wonder, is this new 'Rallies For Welsh Independence' as an 'Independence Platform' actually preparing the way for a new pro - Independence Nationalist Party? If it is, I foresee it as being  right wing enterprise that is easy to detect a possibility in seeing who is supporting this new Initiative and reading their comments in reply to the Alan Jobbins article in Daily Wales:

Let's rally for Welsh independence this summer – Daily Wales

Whatever, Embassy Glyndwr will continue to support so far but we will continue to advance our own initiatives based on the foundations we have established so far at Corwen, Machynlleth and through out the land and add to this  as we will at both places aforementioned this year. Not least with regards to 'Cynulliad Sofraniaeth 2015' and regards restoration of 'Senedd Glyndwr - Cenedl Cymru Rydd in 2016' our new initiatives to be developed and advanced with clear objectives and purpose in case that other 'New Initiative' fails to deliver! As it might well do as I am struck by the fact that those rushing to their colours are on the whole those who see the cause as some thing to be carried out on fb and not on the Streets or Mountains of Cymru/Wales. I am bemused when I see amongst these not so stalwart champions of a 'Welsh Independence, those who have yet to engage in any ACTION, PROTEST, CAMPAIGN = STRUGGLE in defence of our Country and Communities. Thus I see in this new Initiative something that promises  to engage in harmless activity as parading about and posturing when in reality to advance their cause, I suggest they at least follow the example of the IS and SWP who regular set up stalls on the high street to sell their literature and give out leaflets. Far better this was carried out on Queen Street on 19 July than hanging out at the Duke of Clarence in Canton, that says little and achieves less, fact!

If these Nationalists were really up for Welsh Independence, they might first consider what worth this so called 'Welsh Independence' if at all it was achieved ''politically' was not more a mask to hide the reality of what is fast taking shape 'in our faces' now COPORATE COLONY CYMRU!
Thus, I suggest that if your really serious about 'Welsh Independence' you will start fighting for it, not in another 'Comfort Zone' as a Rali Cilmeri or fb but in CONFRONTATION with those now exploiting us and in reality making 'Independence' a false dream as it will not be true economic Independence, certainly not if this so called 'New Independence Initiative' continues to tow the Plaid Cymru line of keeping us chained to the E.U. EMPIRE that surely would be farcical! So, while you all wait for these questions to be answered, I suggest you rush to the colours of a 'Confrontation with Colonialism' on Mawr during Mis Awst  to be launched on 6 July 2014 in an Ysbryd Beca Commemoration in Pontarddulais and at the Bolgoed Rebecca Memorial..

Thinking ahead, why not a 'Cyfamod Annibyniaeth' and what better place to carry out than at 'Cerrig Cyfamod Glyndwr' at the Battle of Hyddgen site. Maybe over the May BH (at end of the Month) 2015, think on it?


For the really 'Brave and Bold' try this out >


  • How is this for promoting 'Independence Impact Idea', why not an Independence Motorcade from Caerdrewyn Car Park on 18 Medi (day of Scots referendum) along route of Owain Glyndwr's great raid 18 - 24 Medi 1404. Calling a same towns to show the flag and give out handbills, consider and let us know if interested in such an idea.

    Juratus Oweyn