Sunday, 12 January 2014


Regards the report by your Chief Reporter Martin Shipton entitled “Council’s union flag disgrace” which appeared in the Western Mail on January 8, I was astonished and disappointed to read in the report that Dennis Morris, the Chairman of a newly formed ‘Plaid Glyndŵr was concerned enough to speak out in condemnation of Abergwaun Council for flying the Union Jack rather than Y Ddraig Goch. As, both, the movements Cofiwn and Embassy Glyndŵr has pointed out repeatedly over the last forty yrs, Y Ddraig Goch flag, as a flag, originated with the Tudor pretenders to the English Throne who were quite willing to display the Red Dragon on green and white Bannerettes and ‘make play’ of it’s links to Cadwaladr and Uther Pendragon to win over the Cymry to their cause but, once Henry VII was crowned, they promptly discarded their Tudor and Cymric connections preferring to be known as the ‘Richmonds’. Then, the ‘Tudor Handle’ was resurrected again for ‘British’ use by an English historian of the 18th century as, indeed,  was the Stuart, Georgian and Victorian handles whilst, the flag as it is today,  was only ‘given’ to us as our ‘National’ flag by the Queen of England in 1959.

Mr. Morris has chosen to use the name of ‘Glyndŵr’ for his new political party so, the question begs to be asked, why is he not promoting the flying of ‘Baner Glyndŵr’ – the flag of Glyndŵr on all Official and Civic buildings in Cymru - as Embassy Glyndŵr has tirelessly done so for the last 16yrs? Why on earth is he fighting the cause of the ‘Richmond Rag’, a symbol of subservience, insidiously used to weaken our true political patriotism and any hope that we may have in uniting our nation in a ‘national independence’ struggle in the real sense of the term.

Over the years, whilst we have been promoting the flying of the Baner Glyndŵr – the true ‘uncompromising’ flag of an Independent Cymru, Embassy Glyndŵr has encountered, over and over, the weak excuse from “faint hearted” Cymric patriots that…”Y Ddraig Goch is accepted worldwide now…we can’t change that”  Our answer to that is, If we cannot even unite to secure that little, that could lead to so much, why pretend that you are prepared to fight the British State for Cymric Independence?  If free South Africa can replace the Boer/British Flag with a new flag and the ‘Old South States’ of the USA can ditch the Confederate Battle Flag as a ‘State Flag’, why can’t we be mature and strong enough to demand the Four Lions Rampant of Owain Glyndŵr – the true flag of an Independent Wales as handed down to us by Prince Owain Glyndŵr, our true Tywysog Cymru, as our National flag?

This week, I went to see the Film ‘Mandela’ and throughout the film, I was reminded that the ANC got what they struggled for because they stood united and refused to compromise their ideals so, our message to you Mr. Morris is, if you wish to use the name of Glyndŵr for your party then you have to respect his ideals which he did not compromise so, NO COMPROMISE! If you and other Political Patriots want to declare for one Country and one flag, let it be for a restored Cenedl Glyndŵr – Cenedl Cymru Rydd symbolically represented by the Four Lions Rampant. Its time for Cymric political nationalists to wake up and realize that our symbols must boldly declare what we stand for and distinguish they from those symbols (such as the Union and Richmond rags) that insidiously display us, , as being ‘Loyal’ to England aka ‘Greater Britain’.

This year, 2014 is quite possibly the 660th anniversary of the birth of Owain Glyndŵr (1354) A great opportunity of course to organize events and parties to celebrate this birth and to blanket our nation in Baner Glyndŵr but, is Mr. Morris and other Cymric patriots and Nationalists up to the challenge of seriously promoting such? We shall see.

Additional Corrections:

Siân Ifan.

C.E.O. Embassy Glyndŵr